Do You Create 3D Videos?

No, we aren’t talking about that kind of 3D, where you wear glasses. Our 3D services are those animated models, and motion graphics where you create an image or scene inside three-dimensional space.

Demonstrating some products may be impossible with a camera lens alone. 3D is a perfect solution for those times when the medical devices, industrial processes, and new technologies.

• Medical Devices - Many times, medical devices have complex processes that cannot be effectively captured through a camera lens. By creating the device in 3D space, the viewer has a better understanding of the inner workings, and thus the benefits of the device.

Another perfect application for 3D is when it would cost less to create the scene in 3D, than to create the set from scratch.

Here’s a little unknown fact: most car commercials today are just 3D graphics and not the actual vehicle.

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