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The Auteur Theory

What is an Auteur and Why Should I Care? An Auteur, in its theoretical definition, is the personal, creative vision of the film’s Director. This also applies to Documentaries and Corporate Video Productions as well. The reason that it’s considered a theory is because it’s often difficult for the Director to have his/her creative freedom 100% of the time. As…
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Are Profits Always the Goal

What's More Important than Profit? Our Studio relies heavily on submitting quotes/proposals for services like video production, product photography and 3D animation to our potential clients. Acceptance of those proposals are how we build our business. Obtaining new clients is a happy occasion for all of us here. To us, it means another opportunity to feel good while making a new customer…
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Video Dominates Web Traffic

By the year 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be…can you guess? VIDEO! That’s right. Here are a few reasons why: 1) More people today research and shop from computers and mobile devices than ever before. It’s easy to get lots of information in a small amount of time, and that’s good, because we’re all busy. 2) It’s all…
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