Autodesk Maya is the preferred software choice for our 3D artist. Although it’s the most complex 3D software package on the professional market today, it’s also the most coveted. Not only is Maya a modeling application, but also an animation, simulation, rendering and compositing software suite.

We are constantly educating our clients about Maya and we often tell them that the software is a combination of an engineering program and an artist program, but even then we’ve left out many of the programs dynamics and effects.

Autodesk Maya offers the following capabilities:

• Physics: Maya can create realistic simulations
• nHair: Creating hair is no longer a lengthy process with the program’s complex simulation engine.
• nParticle: You want fire, snow, smoke, rain, projectiles, or any other complex 3D particles.
• nCloth: We can put your specific fabric or design on any item created in Maya.
• Fluid Effects: Water, water everywhere, or whatever fluid that you need to animate. Maya allows you to change the viscosity of any fluid, with a click of the mouse.
• Fur: That’s right kids, we can even create fur, short hair, wool, or grass.

With all that said, we’re basically saying that no matter what your request (unless it’s something that Hollywood can’t create) is totally possible with our artist using Autodesk Maya.

Not only do our artists intimately understand the software, but also accomplish continuing education annually, about the software changes. Each is put through an extensive class to learn more effective ways of creating the most realistic 3D animations possible.

Weather your requests requires a $5,000 budget or a $50,000 budget, we can accommodate your request. Autodesk Maya is the most powerful 3D animation software on the planet. We have chosen to use Maya, because our clients deserve the very best…regardless of budget.

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