Are Profits Always the Goal

What's More Important than Profit?

Our Studio relies heavily on submitting quotes/proposals for services like video production, product photography and 3D animation to our potential clients. Acceptance of those proposals are how we build our business. Obtaining new clients is a happy occasion for all of us here. To us, it means another opportunity to feel good while making a new customer happy. It’s also a chance for us to increase our network and build friendships. You see, profits are important to us, it’s the way we pay our employees and bills, but it’s not what it all about.

Businesswoman shaking hands

Businesswoman shaking hands

To the owners of Episode 11 Productions-Randy Davis and Beth Sowell, nothing is more important than making a difference in the visibility of our client’s services and products, and to create a that “wow factor” in all that we do. “There is something magical about seeing the client’s face when we show what we’ve created through digital media”, says Randy. Their leadership has created a corporate culture unlike anything else in the multimedia industry. Even though we may not get every job that we quote, we always strive to provide the very best customer service to each person with which we interact. Even if that courtesy isn’t reciprocated.

Many times we quote on a video production jobs and never hear back from the company again. Even after making several phone calls or emails to ask about the decision. We anticipate the approval. We rally the troops, getting everyone on call to quickly act if the job is awarded to us. Now, we don’t expect every job, however we are always prepared for every job. Imagine the disappointment when we can’t get an answer. Today was a different day. Today we got an answer, and it was well received.

Today we received a handwritten note from a potential client. Yes, you read that correctly-it was handwritten. Ms. Sterling Oliver, a Program Coordinator and Recruiter, sent us a note saying that the organization that she works for had an onsite person to handle the job that we quoted. (The note is below)

The note reads: “Beth, Thank you for your recent quote. When I submitted my budget to the company, I learned the Administrative Office of the XXXXX has a videographer I am to use. Sorry for the inconvenience and we will keep your info for the future. Best, Sterling Oliver”.

thank-you-noteNo, we didn’t get the job. No, we didn’t get to see our new client happy with our creation, but we got something more…really. We were the recipients of a handwritten note showing respect and kindness.

This small act of kindness radiated through the office. It gave moral a boost and for the rest of the day, we stood a little taller, worked a little harder, and smiled a little more. All of this is the result of one lady who hadn’t forgot that we weren’t just a video production company, we were human.

sterling-oliverSterling Oliver can teach us something about business. She can teach us that, yes, profits are important, but it isn’t the most important thing. More important than profits are the people. People manage businesses, not the other way around. People work hard to please those above us, or in our case-our clients.

This small act of, not only kindness, but also professionalism has made a huge difference in the “day in a life of” one cinematic

video production company. We didn’t benefit from the profit, but we did benefit from the human aspect of this lady’s personal note. Every individual who has a direct contact with vendors should learn this lesson early, for we will never forget Sterling Oliver, or her kind, handwritten note, because, it’s nothing is more important than profit…or is it? 

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