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Visual media workflows (Video, 3D Graphics, Photography) can be complex at times, but just like Albert Einstein said: “Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”. Somehow the video production industry never read this statement. Most believe that you must have a 20-person crew to accomplish something great-NOT TRUE. We have been on many Hollywood crews and we’ve seen the waste that’s allowed.

We have created an entirely new paradigm for the media production industry. You’re rewarded with better results, in less time. A huge part of this new process is lots of planning. Not only do we attend planning meetings (at no cost), but we also make ourselves available at any time. We even list our personal cell numbers on this site, for your convenience.

Other aspects of our process involve creating storyboards. This is something that it done on a feature-film level and not typically offered to corporate clients, however its all part of our normal production process. Storyboards, along with shot list and detailed schedule, allows us to get in, video the required shots and get out.

Our goal is to provide superior quality with exceptional, personalized customer-service and at a price that’s fair and within your budget. We aren’t the most inexpensive video production company in Charlotte, but we pledge to work with you to determine what we can create for you in your price range.

We view the relationships with our clients a bit differently than most companies. We don’t treat our customers the way that we want to be treated, but instead, we get to know the person behind the company and treat them the way that they want to be treated. Do you see the difference?

Can you think of a time when you delegated a task and it was returned complete, within budget, and made everyone in your organization delighted? The feeling that you get from that experience is what we strive to do with every customer, in every production, every time. This is what makes working with us to enjoyable. The work gets done, it's a pleasant experience and the suits in the office stay happy.

Businesses today are forced to operate leaner. Employees have to do more with less. Budgets are tighter and the workload is heavier. Wouldn’t be great if you could partner with a company that you could trust? Think of the extra time you would have with which to work. We deliver a laser-focused marketing message,with a professional, competent, experienced and friendly crew.


A Proverb was written long ago which states: "From small beginnings come great things". This has never been more true than our little video production company. Our first step in 2007 was a giant leap for two people, but it has brought great joy to everyone that has ever been apart of our journey.

Each step of the way, we have grown, but we have never lost sight of the reason we began-passion. A passion for creating something unique and a passion for helping solve problems.

Brief History of Episode 11 Productions

It all started in February of 2007 with a 13" laptop, on the corner of a dining-room table. We had no money, no equipment, no business contacts, and no potential clients. What we did have, was passion. We had a passion to create a company where quality, ethics, and customer services would be of the utmost importance. We wanted to create a video production company in Charlotte, where mid-sized companies could receive the same quality of video production, 3D animations and commercial photography that Fortune 100 companies received, but at a price that would fit the average marketing department's budget, and with a crew that wasn't pretentious.

Not only did we want to build an ethical, quality and customer service oriented firm, but we wanted it to be enjoyable for the team members that work with us. Without a happy crew, the final video will suffer. We make sure that each of our employees KNOWS that they are appreciated. We believe that no one has the exclusive on good ideas. It's through collaboration that we have been fortunate enough to accomplish some really good gigs and were lucky to meet some great people along the way.



The philosophy of everyone at Episode 11 Productions is to become partners with our clients, not vendors. It’s our goal to ensure that our clients not only have a corporate video project that they are proud of, but that they also have a wonderful experience with our entire staff. That’s our definition of what a partner should be.

Once you experience our process, you'll understand why so many companies trust our  team and continue to come back-again and again.

A Different Philosophy

We are referred to as a “disruptive media company”, because we have built a process which replaces the traditional way of doing things. Through many years of working with large Hollywood studios as an employee, we were fortunate to take a step back and look at the entire process through the eyes of a client. We aren’t your typical video production crew, who knows it all and wants no ideas from their clients. We love collaboration, because it works.

We’re creative, but humble, laid-back but professional, and let’s not forget, a heck of a lot of fun to work with. It doesn’t matter if you work for a company that has five employees, or 5,000, we treat you the same. Contrary to what others may think, size doesn’t matter.

Passion is what separates every great employee, athlete, or musician from the good employees, athletes, or musicians. This message has been stated by every successful person on earth, and our corporate culture lives by its meaning. With this in mind, we believe that the Corporate America Marketing Department doesn't need more tools. Marketers need better tools. We are those better tools.

Our entire team is passionate about the work that we create. Our clients motivate us, but our passion drives us.

What About That Crazy Name?

It all started with a spunky old lady, that we called “Mama Ruby”

Randy tells the story best: “When I was growing up, family was very important. My grandmother always lived only a few houses from us. If we moved, we moved her also. During the later part of her life, she had begun to forget things on the stove, etc., so I moved in with her to help her for a while. I was single and I sure loved being around my grandmother. Each night, when I would get home from work, we would sit down to watch TV. One of the shows that we never missed was Tim Allen's Home Improvement. It was a tradition for the two years that I had the privilege of living with her".

The Fond Memories

Since that time, when I watch Home Improvement, (I own the complete set of Home Improvement DVD’s), I think about my grandmother, but that’s only part of the story. I really am like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s character on the show”.

The Rest of the Story

Tim, the tool man Taylor, played by Tim Allen, is a guy who believes that everything “needs more power”. He constantly attempts to make things bigger and faster and better, but not before he damages other things in the process. In the end, all is well, if you consider a blender that can purée a brick as “well”.

The TV show isn’t very far off the mark, when it comes to Randy. He once replaced the doorknob to his front door, only to be forced to install an entire new door and frame. There was also a time when he replaced the garbage disposal, only to replace the entire sink as well. Oh yes…and ask us about his shoulder surgery because he was mopping the floor.

Back to our story: during our “name game” we were also watching episodes of Home Improvement on DVD. Beth (co-owner) wanted to use the word “episode” in our name, so we began to brainstorm.

Portrait of Ruby Cotter Thomson Queen.

It was at that moment when Randy asked to put the DVD of Home Improvement on episode 11. The 11th episode of Home Improvement is where Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) realizes that he should help out more around the house. In his “Tim the Tool Man” style, he rewires the vacuum cleaner, because it needed “more power”. In its soft whisper mode, the vacuum performs just as any other vacuum would, but in more super-suck mode, Tim nearly loses his youngest son to its vortex.

That was the “Aha” moment. Episode 11 was going to be our name. We loved it. It was personal, it was practical and it was fun.

The Better Way of Creating Videos

Time spent on Hollywood crews motivated us to develop a more effective method of creating high quality imagery. We watched as most of the highly paid staff stood around playing with their phones. We watched three people doing the job of one person. We watched egos play a huge role on the set and all the while, the client was racking up the bill, so we set out to create a better way.

Poster of Home Improvement with Tim Allen.

some tim allen quotes from home improvement

“It’s always like that…I ride one appliance in the garage and you get all bent out of shape.”

“Are you crazy? This is Tool Time. Men don’t eat in a nook.”

“The problem is I have unconscious caveman fantasies of being with thousands of women at a time. You don’t have that problem because you have your fantasy – me!”

“Al, I think we both learned an important lesson today. Never slam the casement window shut until your co-worker has completely removed his head.”

“Jill you can’t sit down at this table unless you can bench-press 150 pounds. Al sit down…”

“That’s three major food groups right there – salt, sugar, lard!”

“Oh, that was me howling. Couldn’t find any leaves so I had to use a pine cone…”

Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor
Famous Home Improvement Quotes