3D Elements Are Here to Stay

3D Elements Are Here to Stay

Every feature film, every commercial, and every corporate video (over a certain budget amount) has some level of 3D computer generated imagery (CGI). Twenty years ago, this wasn’t the case, so why now? Software packages are more affordable and more user-friendly. The talent for creating 3D models and animation is becoming more available to production companies and isn’t reserved for those big Hollywood studios.

You probably remember cartoon on Saturday mornings were a series of hand drawn pages, shot in secession to give the illusion of a moving picture, that is, if you’re as old as me…let’s just say somewhere in the neighborhood of 30…ish. Ok, 40…ish. Today, some cartoons are still created this way, but most are created within a 3D environment. Think about Shriek, Toy Story, and A Bug’s Life.

video-titlesThat same technology has been integrated into video and film as well. Yes, even at smaller budget and even if it’s just the titles. 3D elements, because of its flexibility, can be made to look like a cartoon, or as the next vehicle, fresh off the assembly line (most commercials are now 3D models, not real cars).

Individuals want instant gratification, on both side of business-corporations and consumers. Automobile companies want to market new vehicle before they come off the assembly line, so that when the car hits the lots, the interest is already in the mind of the consumer. So how do they produce a car commercial so quickly?

Production companies receive CAD drawings from the car manufacturer and build a 3D model of the car, create a suitable environment, animate the car, and Voilà, you have a car commercial before the product is available to the public. This works in other industries as well, such as medical, manufacturers of consumer products and architectural properties.

3D Implementation

It's not difficult to implement a 3D animation strategy into your corporate marketing plan. With a little planning, 3D can even be more affordable than some video marketing plans, depending on the level of intensity for the project.

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