3D Computer Graphics Services

3D Computer Graphic Production Services

illusionary 3D animation production services with 3D image in background

See how 3D computer graphics services are now being used in marketing departments to help illustrate new products, product demos and showcasing hidden features.

Computer simulations, or visual effects (VFX), was once reserved for organizations that had extremely large marketing budgets, but no longer. We use three-dimensional graphics in many of our video production projects, with budgets much less than what you’d expect. In some cases, it’s less than producing a video in the traditional sense.

Animated 3-D computer models and animations are a perfect way to showcase new mechanical prototypes, medical devices, engineering models, and for all pre-release products. It’s also perfect for training departments who need to illustrate part connections and adjustments, which would be difficult to explain without the proper illustrations of internal part workings. Product designers find 3D animation videos extremely helpful for illustrating parts which are hidden from normal view.

Examples of 3D Animation Computer Graphics:
• 3D Titles to video footage
• Product placement into video footage
• Complete 3D videos

The need for large studios is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Turn that talking head video into something spectacular by incorporating virtual 3D backgrounds and environments. Filming in a corner office can now look like a full-studio news desk, after editing. The possibilities are endless.

Our 3D computer graphic artists only use the latest versions of Autodesk Suite, like Maya and Mudbox to product stunning visual effects. These two programs are responsible for many of the graphics in The Matrix, Star Wars, Spiderman, The Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and many others.








This is a game changer for the corporate world. Never has such a powerful tool been utilized for anything other 3D animation films shown in theaters. Our corporate clients can now begin to benefit from this tool.

As with everything that Episode 11 Productions sets out to do, we took a tool used by major Hollywood power house production companies and we have brought it to you - our corporate partners. We can convey your message through our in-house 3d computer animation graphics service. Our thought is “why should Cali have all the cool stuff”? No longer does Hollywood have the exclusive on 3D videos.

Together, we can create something really stunning for your products, services, and processes. This takes marketing to a new realm of promotion that, before now, was out of budgetary reach of most marketing departments. 3D computer animation videos may be used as a standalone marketing piece or incorporated into pre-planned and shot video footage.